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Daylight Poetry presents the poetry of Robert Anthony Johnson.


Robert Anthony Johnson is best known for his sonnets – fantastically crafted short poems, which pack a depth of meaning into all of their fourteen lines.


Other major work includes The Poems of Thomas – a collection based on The Gospel of Thomas. ASBOs, The Mirror, A Glass of Water, Bridges, The Sweetness of Childhood and Truths About Love have ‘done the rounds’ over the years. This Be The Curse, after Larkin, may also be familiar.


Johnson’s poems are all here for free, for any one who cares to read them. Enjoy the good ones, be awestruck at the sonnets and cringe at the bad ones. You have been warned!





Be sunlight. Be Joy.

Be the only person you can ever be.

Be love. Be loved. Be free.  

Repeat. After Me